Piense Mejor Viva Mejor by Joel Osteen—(Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen)

Harrison Wendland
10 min readOct 25, 2019

I had heard about this book and have wanted to read it. My friend gave me the book but he actually gave me the Spanish version and it was wonderful to challenge myself in this way. I loved reading through it — though it took seemingly forever. I learned a lot and loved the biblical basis for all the principles that I have seen shared in numerous other books I’ve read in recent past also.

“Faith the size of a mustard seed.”

That’s all it takes. A mustard seed planted in the right soil can become a huge mustard tree.

Pg. 7, Tiene semillas de grandeza.

“You have seeds of greatness.”

It does not matter what the “experts” say when God is the real expert of you and your life. When you let God lead and are obedient, it is incredible what the results may be. I believe that the saying, “work as if it were all up to and pray as if it were all up to God,” is most applicable here. Noah prayed and acted out of faith and because of that, did not perish. For God says, “It is not by your power, not by your might, and not by your spirit.” It is only by God and with God that we can do great things.

Pg. 47, Los expertos dijeron que David era muy pequeño, pero Dios dijo que tenía el tamaño corrrecto.

“The experts said that David was very little, but God said he was the correct size.”

Pg. 47, Fueron expertos los que construyeron el Titanic, y se hundió. Los que construyeron el Arca eran novatos y flotó.

“There were experts that constructed the Titanic and it sank. Those who constructed the Ark were novices and it floated.”

As the title of the book says, think better live better. If we fill our mind with positive thoughts, we will move differently. We will act with positivity, higher levels of confidence and strength. When we repeat that we can do all things with Christ, we are calling God to us. We need to invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, to ask Jesus to enter our hearts, and for God to be alongside us each and every day.

Pg. 58, Durante todo el día tuve que decir: “Todo lo puedo en Cristo. Soy fuerte en el Señor. Si Dios por mí, ¿quién se atreve…

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