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3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #55: “Many people track their net worth but why not track your cumulative lifetime giving.” — John Cortines

Finished on July 24, 2020

After reading their book, God and Money, I thought that I would enjoy this one as well. It was definitely a great book. I didn’t find that there was the same depth and impact for me as there was with the original. However, this was a valuable read and one that I learned a great deal from. There are those things that we can do to solidify and reinforce the values and principles that we uphold — this book is one of those things.

The 3 Bullets

1. The authors focused on the heart. They centered the book…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #54: “The enemy wants you to believe that if you win the fight against temptation you’ll win the fight against sin. There is a deeper battle going on.” — David Bowden

Finished on July 23, 2020

This book popped in the recommended area on Audible I believe — or maybe it was referenced in another book I was reading. However it was that I found this book, it became a favorite. It was insightful and enlightening in many areas. There are few books that drive accountability home as well as this one. It’s a book that will make you pause and look around at your life while also reminding you that you are not stuck there and reminding you that you are not a failure — God has made a way…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #53: “Don’t fake it until you make it. Fake it until you become it.” — Amy Cuddy

Finished on July 21, 2020

This book is the followup to one of my all-time favorite TED talks. I’ve listened to this book a handful of times now, I think three. The first time that I went through this book was great. I listened in November of 2017, again in 2018, and once more in 2020. It’s the concepts like this that people don’t pay enough attention to. This past week I just raised my desk by about 4–6 inches so my posture wasn’t as hunched. I strive to always text with my phone at face level so I’m not…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #52: “The only church we as believers can claim, is the one Jesus Christ began… this body receives and accepts all who believe in Jesus. Only those whom Christ has accepted belong to the body; only they make up his church.” — Frank Viola

Finished on July 18, 2020

This book was strongly recommended to me by a great friend and mentor, Brian Rivera. It was a nice shift from some of the typical things that people look at when it comes to church and living out faith. The author did a really nice job outlining the main points in great detail so that the readers could simply and coherently understand what was being explained. I like reading books like this where maybe I don’t agree with 100% of what’s shared but I can still learn from it. …

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #51: “I don’t look at life as balance, I look at it as a symphony. Every musician isn’t playing for the same amount of time but they all come in at the right moment and make this incredible art.” — Jim Kwik

Finished on July 17, 2020

I had been following Jim for a little while on Instagram when he released his book. There are a group of people that I follow closely on Instagram and they ALL recommended his book. When a circle like that recommends a book, I always listen. This book was excellent. There were a number of key points that I took away from the book and there were a number of segments that affirmed things I already implement in my life.

The 3 Bullets

1. Many people know about SMART goals, those that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-based, but…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #50: “Paul said the Spirit’s gifts are for the common good, so a word of knowledge must be shared in great love and care for the genuine benefit of the other person.” — John Michael Talbot

Finished on July 12, 2020

I worked through this book with a men’s group which was a great way to do it. There were additional Scripture references that the guys pulled out and that we looked at. It was great to be able to go deeper into the book and spiritual gifts. Of course, the greatest value for me came in the way of the experience in the room. Most men in the group with me were at least 40 years older so they’ve had decades of experience that I was able to ask questions about and explore some questions…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #49: “The stock of a growing company, if purchasable at a suitable price, is obviously preferable to others. No matter how enthusiastic the investor may feel about the prospects of a particular company, however, he should set a limit upon the price that he is willing to pay for such prospects.” — Benjamin Graham

Finished on July 12, 2020

This is the investing book. If you asked any 10 people who have worked in any area of finance and investing for at least 10 years, I bet half of them would share that this book was one of the best they’ve read. This book was a little different than I anticipated but I also do have a pretty solid foundational understanding of investing at this point. I enjoyed the learning and the study yet, this is not a book I would frequently review or reference. …

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #48: “Asking ‘how much should I give?’ Not only sells God short but also sells yourself short. Ask instead, ‘how much do I need to keep?’ It’s all God’s anyway.” — John Cortines

Finished on July 11, 2020

This has been one of the most impactful books that I’ve ever read. I’ve added it to my annual reading list so that I can continue to review and adopt new aspects of the book that I had not implemented the previous times through. Since first seeing this book, I was intrigued and excited right away. The authors are two people who have gone to Harvard Divinity School and also got their MBAs from Harvard. They are deeply entrenched in the business world but also firmly centered on their faiths. The goal was to understand…

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #47: “A budget is just telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went.” — John Maxwell

Finished on July 7, 2020

This book was given to me by my grandmother when I finished high school. I thought I would reread it with a friend and we could work through it together. It was an interesting foundational read for the first time. The second time through was still interesting but it’s much more focused on setting a foundation. …

3 Bullet Book: 2020, book #46: “Financial literacy is a topic a lot of people in our community rarely discuss. Whether it is generational trends or lack of knowledge, it’s time to change the narrative” — DeAngelo Watson

Finished on July 6, 2020

I connected with DeAngelo through a few friends of mine on Instagram last year. It was pretty cool to watch the way he established his vision and realized that he could add some value by putting his thoughts together and pushing out a book through Gumroad. Now, DeAngelo has his own trucking company and a number of other businesses. There are a handful of people that you encounter who move differently, they have hyperfocus — DeAngelo is one of those people.

The 3 Bullets

1. He makes it very clear throughout the entire book, and in the overall…

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