(For Success) 2 Things You Need to Do Every Single Day

“Why can’t you be satisfied?”

Harrison Wendland
4 min readMar 4


Brendon Burchard says it best. Passion is NOT enough and is NOT the goal.

“People love passion because it’s fun. Everyone cheers you on. They are stoked for you.

FOLLOW your passion. LIVE with passion. BE passionate. CHASE your passions.

People hate obsession. When you’re obsessed… people say:

“Why do you gotta be so crazy?”

“Why can’t you be satisfied?”

“Why do you need everything to be so perfect?”

“Why do you spend so much time here?”

When you’re obsessed, people think you’re nuts. If no one thinks you’re crazy, you’re not yet operating to the outer limits of your potential.”

What is passion? Really?

Passion can be defined as a strong emotion that drives you towards something. But… emotions are fleeting. At least we say that when we think of things like sadness, grief, and depression. Aren’t positive emotions just as fleeting? If they weren’t… would so many people caution others about the feelings of “honeymoon” when they are doing certain things in life?

Let’s be real, passion is fleeting. It is STRONG when it is present but in the days it’s not?…

You simply cannot allow for passion to be your driving force.

Passion is some of the best FUEL but it is not all that you need.

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Let’s move on to what’s actually needed. Two things.

  1. Clarity.
  2. Gratitude.

Clarity and gratitude combine to provide everything that you need.

The question always comes up, “who are you doing this for?” Most visibly, we see this asked to athletes or businesspeople; these people sacrifice so much so people are curious. Most people can’t imagine sacrificing so much or dedicating such an “inexorbitant” amount of time. Bu……



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