Love Is Not Enough by Mark Manson

2020, book 22: “‘It’s not easy but it’s simple.’ And that goes for all conflict and conversations within relationships.” — Mark Manson

Harrison Wendland


Finished on April 7, 2020

This was a strong book. It was passionate and clear and very important. I can’t say that this book impacted me in an incredible way — but it was good.

Tough. This is tough. We often don’t see this at the moment either. We might not notice until months down the road or maybe we’ll never notice. Can you think of times in your life where you let your loneliness or hungriness overpower your better judgment? I can.

When people are a bit starved for affection they become willing to overlook all sorts of questionable behaviors that might be going on in the background.

Both are incapable of what? Feeling good about themselves by themselves. This is a tough pill to swallow. Yes, people are stronger together and oftentimes, it’s great when we can spend time with others. However, we must understand that when happiness is sourced from somewhere other than ourselves and God, we will never be truly happy nor satisfied.



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