MOVING ON — melancholically — BECOMING NEW

Harrison Wendland
3 min readMar 25, 2020

We are born and then we die. I know that all things come to an end on this earth.

Freshman year at the university in 2015, I was assigned to random roommates. I loved those two guys and they became brothers. We lived together until May 2019 when Kashif departed for law school at FAMU.

Now, it’s almost May 2020 and I’m departing. Richard is remaining at PBA for the continuation of pharmacy school but it’s my turn to go.

I work full-time in Boca Raton, FL and currently I’ve been driving up to an hour each morning.

It’s been good but there isn’t much leftover time.

I wake up at 6:30 or 5:30 if I go to the gym and then leave the house before 8:00.

By the time I leave work it’s 4:45 if I have class or after 6:00 if I don’t. A few nights a week right now I’m available after 7:00 while other days I have Bible study, and of course, my now online classes.

There is not that much time in a day left over really.

And I’m writing 2 of these pieces for each week, reading a book every other week and completing an audiobook every week.

Occasionally, I like a social life.

I want to create more time that I can spend on other things. Leaving the known and…



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