Moving Residences—14 Times so Far

Harrison Wendland
8 min readFeb 14, 2020

After I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, I moved.

Just down the street, but, I moved an entire house—and about 80% of it alone.

I enjoy moving. But, at the same time, I don’t.

We kind of broke the rules a little bit in this new place… the HOA prohibits any subleasers. Now, I got me and my 3 roommates set up to rent from the owners — a lease. However, 2 of those 3 roommates were going to be out of town for the summer and shared that they were hoping not to be rent.

So, we made a deal. They paid the first month and would go without paying months 2 and 3, ultimately resuming the payment of rent for month 4.

Now… it was my responsibility to take care of that. I found the place, I kicked off the application process, did more than 90% of the legwork and communication with the realtor, property management company, and the HOA. I enjoy it, I do. But, wow, sometimes I didn’t enjoy it.

As I had the master bedroom, the initial payment structure with my roommates was $467 for each of them plus ¼ of the electric and internet bills. I paid the remainder, ($599). Now that I’m typing this, I remember saying $650 was my upper limit. Now, this was with the exception of months 2 and 3 of course…



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