We All Live Differently

Harrison Wendland
3 min readDec 5, 2018
experiences are perceived differently

We all experience things differently, that is just how it is. The same thing can happen to two people and they may react completely differently. One person spills coffee on themselves and laughs and cleans it up. Another person also spills coffee on themselves, they sulk and cuss and let it ruin their entire day. Why? People are different.

What matters is the interpretation of one’s experience. With that in mind, it is often difficult to think of things that cater to everyone. We all have different needs and perspectives and values and thereby, react and respond differently. However, there is one thing.

Virtually the only one thing that is the same for everyone in the world, no matter where they are or who they are. That one thing is time. Everyone on earth wakes up and experiences 24 hours. Time is the same for everyone.

Everyone experiences 24 hours each day

That is the simple part. The difficult part is all the factors in regards to how time is used and spent and allocated for people. This comes down to a few different things in my opinion. One would be their needs and the second is their priorities.

Everyone, as an individual, has different needs and different things that drive them or that energize them. For example, most people are recommended to sleep about 8 hours per night. However, there are people that can thrive on less than 6 hours nightly, that is just the way that they are wired. Each individual person has different needs that they have, sleep is just one of many.

Others that are typically large portions of one’s daily 24 hours are diet, social life, quiet time, and work.

Now, work may be similar for many people in terms of working the “typical” 40 hour work week. What people need, however, may be different. Personally, I love to work. I love to provide an impact. I love to be productive and feel as though I am creating something.

Building onto that, there are priorities which are different for everyone too. The needs that people have definitely factor into their priorities but it goes deeper, much deeper. As I am reading through a Tony Robbins book, Awaken the Giant Within, he challenges us to determine the emotions/feelings that we would like to consistently avoid…

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